Supervised study hours in the evening

Consolidating new knowledge

For boarding school as well as for external students, the daily schedule is determined by the lesson plan and three study hours every day. Help and support from teachers is available in the first two study hours (from 4 pm to 5.30 pm).

On a daily basis, each student has to do the homework that was given by different teachers. The following day, these tasks are revised by the teachers. During the whole year, continuous evaluation takes place in terms of announced and unannounced tests and comprehensive exams.

Special classes and tutoring in different subjects may be organized by the teachers, according to current needs and requirements and at any time during the school year.

During study hours, optional language classes are available (Cambridge, Goethe) for those students who wish to improve their foreign language skills and who aim taking the official exam at the end of the season.


We are persuaded that sports enhance young people’s evolution in a very positive way and therefore, we organize different activities every day, among which every student may choose freely and according to his or her interest and talent.

Thanks to our own infrastructure and further playing fields close by, students have the choice between soccer, basketball, floorball, tennis, badminton, squash, swimming, horse riding, fitness and golf. These activities, run by qualified sport tutors, take place every day.

At the center of our campus, our students benefit from a polyvalent play field for basketball, tennis, volleyball and badminton.

Our school is located in an exceptional landscape setting, ideal for running, hiking and biking.

During winter, ski and snowboard amateurs are fortunate to find their slopes only 15 minutes away from our school; on free Wednesday afternoons and weekends they also have the possibility to go to famous ski areas in Gstaad, Villars-sur-Ollon, Les portes du Soleil, Verbier and Adelboden. With our school buses, we assure safe rides to these places, where students benefit from the permanent presence of qualified tutors. Private ski classes for beginners are available on weekends and upon request.

On demand and according to the endurance level of our students, we may as well organize ski touring trips with professional guides and coaches.

In the second trimester, we regularly host a ski camp with all students of Institute "La Gruyère".

What a pleasure to go back to that place with so many memories, after about 50 years. A special greeting to Mrs. Elisabeth Butty. With all my friendship, kind regards

Werner Burri, SWITZERLAND, former student of the 60’s

Culture and leisure time

Located in the center of Switzerland, Institute "La Gruyère" offers to its students a wide range of activities and cultural events in cities such as Basel, Berne, Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich.

Teachers regularly illustrate and complement their courses by visiting arts exhibitions at the Hermitage Foundation in Lausanne, the Foundation Beyeler in Basel, the Foundation Gianadda in Martigny or the Art and History Museum in Fribourg.

Throughout the school year, students may choose among different theater plays in connection with their curriculum. They attend these plays accompanied by their teachers.

For about ten motivated and interested students, there is the possibility to join the optional drama club run by a qualified teacher. Students prepare every year a different play that they present on graduation day in front of all students and parents.

According to their curriculum in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian or Russian literature, our students may participate in meetings or conferences in different cities.

Worldwide travels are offered every year with the objective to discover culturally and historically interesting places, with outstanding ancient or contemporary heritage. Either the management or school teachers attend these journeys.

At the beginning of the school year, students may enroll for writing, movie theater, bridge and chess courses.

Boarding school

By tradition and by its international character, Insitute "La Gruyère" stands for a spirit of openness and exchange. Each year, we welcome about 80 teenagers from age 12 to 20, more than half of whom live in our boarding school.

The daily schedule is detemined by studies and complemented by sports. Our courses in history, geography or literature are regularly enlivened by cultural excursions.

Boys have their single or double rooms in the Grand Chalet, whereas girls stay at the Residence.

To encourage every student's progress, Institute "La Gruyère" guarantees a personalized support at all levels: at school, during sports and for cultural activities.

The boarding school team works in close collaboration with the director and teachers as to assure the assistance and supervision of each and every student. The boarding school manager sets up sports activities and a culture program in cooperation with the teachers.

Theater, film and cooking clubs start out at the beginning of the school year and contribute to the vivacity at our boarding school.

The boarding school team supervises the study hours in the evening and after dinner.

Our students benefit from various recreational areas, a games room, a billiard room, a cafeteria, a television area, a library and a computer room.

Institute "La Gruyère" continually strives to ensure an infrastructure that meets all students’ needs. At the beginning of the school year, every student receives a Wi-Fi access code. The connection is available from 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm during the week.

Every day, our kitchen team prepares balanced meals that fit the requirements of growing young people. Our cooks are also willing to respond to particular dietary requests. Our school has for many years been affiliated to the food quality label "Fourchette verte".

At Institute "La Gruyère", it is also possible to take music lessons.

Our institute provides various services, such as hairdresser or laundry according to the individual needs. Institute "La Gruyère” is located in close vicinity to highstanding medical and dental clinics.


Weekends at the boarding school

Every weekend, Institute "La Gruyère" keeps its doors open, from Friday evening 3.30 pm to Sunday evening 9 pm, for students who do not have the possibility to return to their families. Throughout the weekend, a group of about fifteen students participate in different activities depending on seasons and current cultural events in Switzerland.

The program, established in collaboration with the boarding school manger, includes cultural city trips as well as leisure time. With a more relaxed schedule, brunch is served at around 10 am and if the wheater permits outdoors. Students are always accompanied by a tutor when they head off to their destinations.

In case a student wishes to apply for a program change, his or her parents have to do so by written notification to the boarding school manager.

During weekends at our school, we also foresee study hours in the class rooms.