Our school: Institute "La Gruyère"

Since its very beginning in the 1940', Institute "La Gruyère" has always fostered a family-like school atmosphere, where each and every one is involved and close to the other and where mutual respect and good manners are omnipresent. These values ​​are very often brought forward from former students at the meetings of the Alumni Association or when they come for a visit. We aim to continue promoting and developping these values ​​among future student generations. To do this, we can count on our qualified and devoted employees. The majority of our staff has been working at Institute "La Gruyère" for many years.

From the director, to the dean of studies to the teachers, we all see the student at the center of our attention and therefore guarantee his or her daily progression in a high-quality learning environment. We favor at once traditional and liberal pedagogy, as well as small classes, as to improve the quality of support we give to each and every one.

New teaching methods and digital techniques can be of assistance to the teachers. However, technology does not replace the very essence of teaching, so to say the transfer of knowledge through intellectual efforts.

To ensure a good and healthy atmosphere, the boarding school manager with his team organizes attractive sport activities every day.

In the kitchen, a highly important place in a boarding school, the chef and her team do their very best to offer daily balanced and tasty dishes. She is also happy to give cooking classes to enthusiastic students.

Housekeepers and the concierge make sure every corner of the house is clean and they also maintain our infrastructures combining modern with traditional elements.

Que de souvenirs après tant d'années. C'est un grand plaisir et une grande émotion de revoir ces lieux. C'était je crois en 1972-1973, j'avais 10 ans, j'en ai 51 aujourd'hui. Je salue Mme Butty et remercie sa fille de son gentil accueil.

Marc Fluri, FRANCE, ancien élève de l'année scolaire 1972-1973

Our school’s history

In summer 1949, the first three students of Institute "La Gruyère" attend the summer course in Vaulruz.

Mr. André Vial and Mr. Alexis Tinguely were the enchanted founders of our institute. At the beginning of September, eleven students (seven boarding school and four external students) enroll and hereby lay the foundations for their new school. The house in Vaulruz is quickly becoming too small and it's in autumn 1953 that the institute directors acquire the Bourgo hotel in Gruyères

1954 Convention signed with the Higher Education Department for obtaining the diploma of commerce.
1959 Celebration of our school's 10th anniversary.
1964 New school building and tennis court under construction
1966 Death of Mr. André Vial, director and founder of Institute "La Gruyère". New directors: the founder's sister Madame Elisabeth Butty, her husband Mr. Stanislas Butty and Mr. Louis Vial, brother of the founder.
1972 New residence under construction
1974 Celebration of our school's 25th anniversary.
1984 Death of Mr. Stanislas Butty, director and teacher.
1985 First Swiss Matura diploma issued at Institute "La Gruyère" .
1989 Celebrations of our school's 40th anniversary and foundation of the Alumni society (SAIG). The cottage is enlarged by the current dining room.
1999 Celebrations of our school's 50th anniversary and Mrs. Anne Butty Revaz, daughter of Madame Elisabeth Butty becomes the new director.
2012 New classroom building under construction.
2017 First French Baccalaureat diploma issued by Institute "La Gruyère".

Institute "La Gruyère" Charter

We aim:

  1. To create and foster a spirit of work and study.
  2. To provide quality education responding to the needs of every single student in a human-friendly environment. To stimulate our students intellectual curiosity and to support them in becoming eco-friendly and respectful citizens.
  3. To develop and preserve quality in community life enhancing open-mindedness, respect and good manners.
  4. To organize sport events for individuals or groups focusing on our students’ good health.
  5. To organize cultural extra-school events as theater, trips, conferences and shows.
  6. To preserve and develop an outstanding service quality for our students in regard to food, transportation, hygiene, laundry, administration and security.
  7. To establish quality management with continuous improvement.
  8. To hire highly qualified personnel and to value their professional contributions.